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Canadian Red

Premium cranberry juIce

Canadian Red is made from pure Canadian cranberry juice, so not on the basis of concentrate! Premium also means of course: no additives. Canadian Red is honest, delicious and natural and you can taste that!

Top cocktails start with top ingredients. The taste, the appearance and low sugar content of Canadian Red fit every top cocktail bar.
Timo Janse
Flying Dutchmen Cocktails

Canadian juice

The North American Indians already benefited from the powerful vitamins, minerals and anti-oxidants of the cranberry. The juice of Canadian Red is therefore obtained by squeezing only the best Canadian berries (vaccinium macrocarpon). In Quebec, harvesting takes place in the autumn, from September to early October. Then the cranberries obtain their perfect, deep red color and they are lovely and ripe and juicy.


Now the trend of NO/LO (no or low alcohol) is becoming more popular, we see the demand for luxurious alternatives for adults, the ‘adult soft drinks’, increasing considerably. Canadian Red is then a popular choice due to the refreshing, sweet-sour, full taste and the positive health benefits of cranberry juice.


Naturally tasty

The taste of pure cranberry juice is so good that you really do not need to add anything. So we do not do that either. Canadian Red is only slightly sweetened, for an optimum taste balance.

Excellent shelf life

Canadian Red can be kept for up to two years, thanks to pasteurization (and therefore does not contain any preservatives).

NFC Quality mark

In contrast to most brands, Canadian Red is allowed to bear the NFC quality mark. This stands for ‘Not From Concentrate’. So guaranteed to be made from pure juice. Because we want to make optimum use of the unique taste and the health properties of the cranberry.


Bottle and tin

Canadian Red is available in a stylish glass bottle (20cl) with a twist-off cap, thirst-quenching for at home, in a bar or relaxing on a terrace. There is also a smart tin (15cl), the ideal size for those who like cocktails or mixes. Or as a refreshing vitamin shot when traveling!


Canadian Blue

As well as Canadian Red, there is also Canadian Blue, which is made from… Of course: the blueberry. This blue berry with a pale red juice is related to the cranberry and is likewise famous as a super fruit.

Canadian Blue has been developed as a limited edition and is therefore not always available.